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A word or two about fishing reports.

Fishing reports have always been an important part of going fishing.  I remember as a kid making sure my friend Steve Mottl's Dad, Ron, was in touch with Russ Kapitzke at the Bridge Bar in Fremont.  Russ would know what was going on and be able to give us an idea of what we could expect.  The most important part of those reports was having an idea of where things were in regards to the run.  We would start fishing as soon as the ice went out, but return trips were always based on the fish and the weather.  We would look at trends and try to judge when the conditions would be such that the fishing was the best both pre-spawn and post-spawn.  Then we would come and spend a few days at Wolf Ridge, the Hahn-A-Lula, Red Banks or Larry & Jan's.  The time we spent at the bar or dinner table was as valuable as the time we spent on the water when it came to learning about walleye fishing.  Those who "day trip" and go home don't get that chance.  Of all my best spots, half of them were given to me inside one of the local establishments.  Usually during some really crappy weather.  Because we were in town for a week, we knew gathering info for the good weather on the horizon was our task.  Well along with a few beers and some GREAT local food.  You see, my father taught me something a long time ago about fishing.  He said that when you call a place home, even if just for a couple of nights, good people will treat you like family, fishin family.

So, what does that mean in regards to fishing reports.  Well, they are always news.  Unless you are talking to someone on their cell phone, it is old information.  Conditions and fishing pressure can change what was a good bite over night.  So do yourself a favor.  Use the fishing reports combined with the water level and temperature gauges provided by the USGS and long range weather forecasts to plan a trip to Wolf River Country for walleye fishing.  There is a SURPRISING amount of room availability and you can have a world class walleye vacation this close to home.

Use the provided links in the address bar to visit the associated fishing reports and water level information.


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